Welcome to the Boyup Brook Golf Club

Boyup Brook Golf Club established in 1954Boyup Brook Golf Course


Boyup Brook Golf Club
Six Mile Road
Boyup Brook 6244

Email: boyupbrookgc@bigpond.com

PO Box 128
Boyup Brook 6244

Tel: 97651261

18 Hole Sand Green Course

Slope Rating: 111




Vision statement:
In the future, we will continue to maintain the traditions
of golf within the changing social framework.   
 Committees will continue to manage the changing 
 membership and implement best practice plans, 
policies and procedures to ensure financial security and
maintain the high standards of our sand green golf course.

Mission Statement
The Boyup Brook Golf Club’s mission is to provide our members,
guests and visitors with a quality sand green golfing experience,
within a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  
The committee and members are committed to the pursuit of

excellence and to show respect and equality to all regardless of their ability,
background or gender.

 Rhonda Parker Boyup Brook GolfClub Ladies Champion













Rhonda Parker
Boyup Brook Golf Club
Ladies' Champion

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Find Time to Play 9 

 Anniversary Cup
Sunday 24 July 2016

Men's Veterans Day 
              Friday 24 June

       Ladies Open Day
Friday 29 July 2016

SWDLGA Championships
Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July

Ladies' Veteran Day
Monday 12 September 2016


2015 Club Champion Ian Purse
Ian Purse
2015 Boyup Brook Golf Club
Men's Champion
Leschaultia No 17 FairwaySpider Orchids Fairway no. 16Kangaroo Paws on Fairway no. 17